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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 29, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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bouncing around what is the emergency backup plan from treasury and what about the impact from states? the treasury department is not going to be announcing today how it's going to pay the bills. with us, steve israel, pennsylvania republican senator and jim kramer from cnbc. with we're going to be talking to bill burton, former deputy white house press secretary, david gregory, and we're going to be talking to chuck todd as well as the rest of our team. good day, i'm andrea mitchell here in washington. as we sit here today jay carney is starting the white house briefing. let's go to jay and find out the latest from the white house. >> we are continuing to have conversations as we wait for the house to finish this business.
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>> two quick questions, is the president concerned the united states has already suffered lasting damage to its reputation with international investors? >> i would say that we are concerned because there is certainly evidence that the economy has suffered. because of the uncertainty created around this debate and the circus atmosphere of our politics around what should be a serious matter. we're talking about the thing that matters most to americans which is the health of our company and growth and create jobs. some damage has been done. we are a powerful country with a powerful economy. we are the united states of
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america and the american people are very resilient. we need to resolve this and we can get on with the task of making sure we're doing everything we can to grow the economy and create jobs. zbroo good day i'm andrea mitchell here in washington. time is indeed running out. that is the message that the president delivered today as he put more pressure on congress to negotiate a compromise. mr. obama said the two sides are in handcuff agreement about how to cut spending and the need to tackle tax reforms and entitlements in the months to come. at the same time house republicans took a step away from compromise making concessions to the tea party today. that picked up enough votes to likely pass the stalled boehner bill. >> i think this is basically a variation of cut, cap and balance. >> it's such a game changer. i need to read the language. but i like where we're going. >> i am. absolutely. i'm enthusiastic. >> that saves speaker boehner from further embarrassment,
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possibly the loss of the speakership. what do democrats have to say? with me steve israel, the chair of the democratic congressional caucus campaign committee. the speaker added a balanced budget amendment vote down the road and some further commitments down the road. does that change his bill, does it make it worse? the bill really was a snon starter from your perspective all along? >> what the speaker did was political. let's not be fooled by this balanced budget term. it is not a balanced budget. they want to balance the budget on the backs of middle class americans. but they want to continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on subs cities for big oil companies, on tax cuts for the rich and on corporation tax loopholes, they are not interested in balanced budgets. they are interested in one thing and one thin only, making the rich much, much richer and making the middle class much,
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much poorer. that is why you get delay after delay after delay. that is why as the clock runs out instead of meeting in the middle they are lurching further and further to the extreme right wing. >> congressman, i know that -- we've heard political talking points from both sides. at this stage of emergency the american people want to see some action, the president said there is rough agreement between the two parties and likely the democrats and republicans in the senate are going to have to engage in negotiations with joe biden and others. where do you see this negotiation going? is the white house willing to concede a shorter term debt ceiling extension and deal with the two trenches that have been agreed to? where do you see it coming down? >> with all due respect this is not a political talking point. we have made our concessions. we have made our compromises.
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we are prepared to vote oon a bipartisan bill that cuts spending over $1 trillion. not an easy thing for some of my democratic colleagues to embrace. >> sure. >> but we are willing to do it. we have been meeting. we have been negotiating. we have been collaborating. we have made some concessions. every time we get close, it is the republicans and the tea party republicans who are running that entire caucus right now who say it's not enough. and so the clock is ticking, we can get this done. if both sides come into the middle. the problem is as kpempllyfied by what is happening today, the republicans continue to move further and further in the opposite direction. >> and finally, congressman before i let you go is there a chance that we're not going to see something by the end of the weekend, by monday that raises the debt ceiling and if you're close enough to agreement, dooupg the president should sign something that just extends it a couple of days while this gets worked out? >> i never -- i've been in a
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situation where everybody agrees on what cannot happen. but one party refuses to agree on what can happen. and that's where we are now. everybody says we cannot afford to default. we cannot afford to raise interest rates on credit cards, on mortgages on car loans. we need a partner to negotiate with. i would have thought with just a few days to go, today would have been the day that john boehner and the republicans said, okay, we'll meet you a few inches towards your direction. instead they have made another quantum leap in the opposite direction. i hope that good sense prevails and that they don't odo the political thing, but the right thing by the american people. >> thanks so much. at this point the debate has dragged on for so long that a downgrade of the u.s. credit rating is a real possibility regardless of what happens in congress this week. jim kramer is host of cnbc's "mad money." jim, first of all, you've got treasury bills coming due next
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week, tuesday, wednesday. the debt, the gdp numbers today really abysmal. what is your perspective? what the wall street saying today? >> we distill it so everybody at home gets it. there are three possibilities. there's a deal not a great deal, that is the one that produces a ratings downgrade. interest rates do go up as the congress has said. will is the possibility of a good deal, that's the $4 trillion blockbuster. all things are forgiven for the moment. we have we have to focus that the gdp is oweak. and then there's no dole. no deal requires a real leap of faith here. the first one is what we're talk about a soft default. some people will be paid, others won't be paid. if we get no deal, it is chaos. pretty much you can expect every market in the world to go down. that the just unacceptable to
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the american people. >> treasury was already meeting officials in new york, new york fed officials previously scheduled meeting with stake holders. now it's obviously got a different agenda. we're told they are in listening mode and they're not going to detail their priority plans. it's pretty career from what you've said that they're going to pay the bondholders and order judgments about what checks go out and what don't. the president said they don't have too many options here. >> there's two drastic options. one is the president invokes the 14th amendment. the 14th amendment we have to pay our bills. >> they keep saying they're not going to do that. >> all this debate, i have heard nothing but nonsense. everyone told me we're not going to default. don't worry about the downgrade. everybody i've heard from washington is phony. i've got to tell you, every assurance that they've given us on every single side has been completely wrong.
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i think anything's off the table including selling the gold in fort knox. i am not kidding. >> how crazy would that be. you just had your peter finch moment. i think that's what the people are saying. >> i've got to do a program tonight. people don't care what the congressman is saying. they're losing so much money. people are losing money. they don't know why it's happening. they know is we're supposed to be a rich country and they're losing money every day so their kid can't go to this skl. they can't take a vacation or retire because of wrangling. this is the destruction of wealth in this country. people care about that. they care about that a lot. it's what they use to raise their kids. >> well said. jim cramer i can't add to that. thank you. thanks for joining us.
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thanks for sounding off. i know you're going to be watching it all day. don't miss "mad kwun." while lawmakers are slugging it out on wall street is scratching its head, the rest of the country is wondering how did we get here? today's dt quailly news" summed it up depicting reid and boehner as babies. joining me now david gregory and chuck todd. david first to you, jim cramer was voicing what a lot of people are saying. i was at a diber last night with keceoos from around the world, they are saying what are you americans doing? this is the greatest democracy, this is the greatest country you're telling us that your values are the best values. how did you inflict this wound on yourselves? >> it's one thing to rail
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against washington gridlock and that's an ever churning and circling wheel. this is something else. this has reached a level of deep economic anxiety among business leaders, world leaders. everyday americans look at this as jim said losing wealth. seeing a lot of volatility, about to face higher interest rates, that raises it to a level of anxiety and disgust that i haven't seen before. the inside washington game is still about the politics of the moment. as ridiculous as it may seem to some people, john boehner has a political job to do. he's got a caucus that has to be pleased with being able to send a message where they vote that reflects their public priority, their idealogical priority about a balanced budget amendment and cutting spending and all the rest. ultimately we may get to the weekend where the house has to take up compromise legislation. john boehner is going to have to rely upon democrats. if he's going to remain as
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speaker he's got to say to his folks, i stood my ground. you did send the imagine. you cast the boot you wanted to cast on principle without standing many the way of an umt mate default. >> chuck todd, it strikes me as david's talking and as we've heard james cramer that all bets are off. it used to be that they would go into that room and have the arm twisting moment with the peeker of the house. he'd offer them some prosecuting for their district. as we heard last night that doesn't cut it because they are reformers. they came here without the institutional set of motives. what is the play? what does the white house think the play is? >> the play at this point is i think you're going to see a handful of republican senators either with public approval for mitch mcconnell on taccit approval. they're going to find a way to get a bipartisan bill out of the senate probably some time on
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sunday that renegotiating the second part of this. that's where this is headed. it's likely to come out in the senate. the house veto it's going to be a fascinating watch. you're going to need 110, 120 democrats, but you're probably going to need 100 house republicans. i've had some folks that say you'll never see 100 house republicans if there's some watered down version of boehner oor some version of reid that's tough enough. that's the reality. that's where we're headed. there are other ways out of this. all bets are off in this respect. we're not selling the gold in fort knox. you'll see a ten day extension if necessary. that's truly on the table. but i have to say, the bigger message being sent here is both parties better watch out. i'm sorry, the idea of an independent candidacy, there's a lot of movements out there. they're going to get real looks this time. everybody's fed up that a small
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idealogical wing of one party can do what they've done what is hold this thing up for days. >> the system can't be moved. that's the problem. what you're seeing here is that leadership in the two parties they were legislated. that's how it's supposed to work. they're supposed to work as leaders here. boehner doesn't have enough control over the caucus to do that. the scenario that he's talking about is also i think the likeliest from what i'm hearing. it does require a certain amount of time. look how much time boehner is taking trying to whip up a vote op a pretty conservative way to go here. if it comes to the compromise legislation you can imagine chuck how much time he's going to need to have to bring republicans around. >> boehner tried. the whole reason why it didn't have a balanced budget amendment. i had plenty of republican leadership aides telling me, we have to have some form of balanced budget amendment. they tried to get it without it. he knew it was the only way to
10:15 am
have credible leverage in the senate and with senate democrats. they throw this balanced budget amendment. saying you've got to send it to the states in the next six months. it is a nuclear bomb. it's not a poison pill. and it now makes the bill incredible and it puts almost more of the leverage with reid. trust me, the leadership knows this, the speaker knows this, but there's nothing he can do. >> chuck todd, thanks for joining us and david gregory. >> we're still coming together for sunday. we'll expect to talk to senior advisor to the president on all things political. also now policy with all that's going on here. he understands, too, plouf does that there's a real breakdown of washington not doing its jobs but imperilling the economy of the country. >> a backlash against everyone.
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now everyone is losing. david gregory, "meet the press", thank you very much. what is the political fallout for the president and the republicans? former white house deputy press secretary bill burton joining us next. send me your thoughts on twitter.
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what's clear now is any solution to avoid default must be bipartisan. must have the support of both parties that were sent here to represent the american people. not just one faction. it's a time for putting party first is over. the time for compromise on behalf of the american people is
10:20 am
now. i am confident that we can solve this problem. i'm confident that we will solve this problem. >> president obama said today that he wanteds a bipartisan solution. if he wants republican help telling people to call and tweet their members of congress could backfire. bill burton is a former deputy white house press secretary and a senior advocate with priority usa. very important political action group right now. bill, there is a huge political component in this. but you could be teetering very close to the breaking point with the calls, the campaign, the obama re-election campaign calling on people to tweet their members putting out the twitter handles. that's the kind of thing that can backfire. >> i don't know about backfire. this is one of the oldest describings in the book is people talking ta their representatives. i don't think the president and the white house would be engaged in this effort if they didn't think it would make a difference for alaskans to talk to their senators or folks all over the
10:21 am
folks to talk that their elected representatives to try to get something done here. we're too close for us not to get a deal and for us not to avoid default. >> doesn't sitting down quietly with mitch mcconnell make more sense right now than putting out blasts to pressure your members of congress. this is the moment you've got to get people to rationally sit down in a room and quietly negotiate differences. >> that has been tried. i think the president has tried to sit down with phones. he's troying to compromise. he's tried to work with folks behind closed doors, in open meetings on the phone. none of that has necessarily gotten it done. you've seen the president trying to make a point if people don't talk that their represent you'ves. if people don't let their folks know they feel the same concerns that economists are feeling that global business leaders are feeling. that they don't feel all that, they're not going to do what they need to do to get this
10:22 am
done. >> what do you say to the political base that say we've already given. we've given up on our demand, our initial demand that there be taxes in this deal and now we're not going to do a short-term deal and not come up with the kind of entitlement cuts that the republicans are demanding. >> i don't think you can deny the fact that republican democrats have given a lot. it's a big difference between where the president has been and the republicans have been. republicans have been led around the nose by the tea party who are really not being helpful in this process. this republican freshman don't seem concerned about the consequences of what can happen. the president is saying and democrats are saying maybe we're not going to get everything we want. we have to give, the stakes are too high for us not to compromise. the american people didn't send
10:23 am
folks to washington to see more poll arization. what we're seeing right now is intransigence as a result- >> bill burton. thank you so much. we're going to be talking to the republicans coming on later in the show. thank you very much. the politico briefing is next here on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the cc. and every volkswagen includes scheduled carefree maintenance. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the volkswagen cc sport for just $289 a month. ♪ visit today.
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this is his leadership of the republicans in the house and the speaker the at stake here if he can't bring his people along. bl the debate over the debt ceiling is changing by the minute. every minute now the rules committee is sitting down and beginning to take up the new boehner bill, the revised bill that includes that vote down the road on a balanced budget amendment. to make sense of this john harris. thanks so much.
10:27 am
>> john mccain is right, this open, more free speakership is really at stake here. this was a very different play by john boehner and last might he had to go a different route and it didn't work. >> there's no question. i agree with what senator mccain said. it does scheme that maybe senator mccain is enjoying that. i think he clearly the republicans who john boehner is trying to lead, john mccain doesn't have that much sympathy with them and what he would per seef as their inflexible stance. he mafbl enjoying that analysis. i think it's correct. john boehner is seeing his leadership at stake in this episode. >> how does this play out? we know that democrats and republicans in the senate are going to try to come up with
10:28 am
something by sundays. then you have a a bigger challenge for boehner to sell a compromise bill out of the senate. all he can say is this is the best we can do avert disaster. and they could still say, well, we're sorry, we came here to change washington. let rome burn. >> well, that's right. when it gets to that point back to the house it's entirely possible the democrats who have been largely sidelined in this house democrats are going to have something to say. it's going to be dependent on a lot of house democrats voting yes if this were to pass. i agree john boehner's leadership is at stake. we can't really give a grade yet. at the end of the day, if something's passed and doesn't include any tax increases and doesn't include significant spending cuts, jan boehner says we did in fact set the agenda, not the other party.
10:29 am
>> to be continued. john harris have a good weekend, i guess. and up next, here what happens to the states if a deal happens to the states if a deal can't be reached in washington. specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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at this hour the house of representatives is going to reconvene in a half-hour. the rules committee is getting today to start work on a new rule for what speaker boehner did accomplish today. enough support in the house to proceed on a revised bill which includes a balanced budget amendment, or a vote on a balanced budget amendment down the road. democrats are calling that a poison pill. joining me now from congress congresswoman -- republican congresswoman cynthia lumes from wyoming. thank you for joining us. you were in the caucus and you had to go through the tortures last night as well.
10:33 am
what happened inside the caucus today that made the difference? >> we had an opportunity to discussion with each other what will be coming up on today's vote. the speaker was very upbeat. very calm. very cool. trying to work with members to get them to yes. and because speaker boehner no longer allows earmarks so we can't give people goodies for their districts like the last speaker did in order to induce them to vote for something, he has to amend the bill to make it something that house republicans can support. and he showed a great willingness to do that. >> what was the atmosphere last night and he was trying to scramble for two to six votes and save the previous version of the bill and people were being offered pizza slices. did anyone offer you a slice of pizza along the way? kevin mccarthy the whip is this. >> he knows that the american
10:34 am
people have had enough with washington as usual. and the leadership team knows that people in america are ready for a balanced budget not a balanced solution like the president's calling for. but a balanced budget. so what's wrong with letting the american people hold our feet to the fire. >> but congresswoman, let me just ask you, if this does not succeed, let's say it passes the house today, it does not succeed in the senate as we've been told that it will be tabled with a procedural vote and then senator mcconnell from the republicans and senator reid work out some compromise and work it through the senate it comes back and it is the final hour. it is the last ditch proposal and it comes back to the house. will you heed the speaker's call if he says to the caucus you've got to vote for this or we have a real catastrophe on our hands? >> last week, andrea, i spoke to the press and said the house is done after we pass cut, cap and
10:35 am
balance. and here i sam today voting yes on the speaker's plan that's coming out this afternoon. i will do what is necessary to stand by boast my principles and my american constituents' principles as well as make sure that we don't default on our debt. >> as the debt debate drags on, how would state budgets be impacted if washington can't pay its bills? and we are joined now by former pennsylvania governor and nbc news political analyst ed ran dell and michael byrd. first to you, michael. we've got a number of states, eight states i think that have been put on a warning list by the ratings agencies that they will be downgraded because their bulgts are so connected to the federal budget. that i know clouds surplus states in maryland and virginia.
10:36 am
what ps to the states? how do they figure out what bills to pay? medicare waub a big piece of this? >> the states are in three places. one, i think they're confident that a deal is going to be struck. they're also just as equally weary that two things would happen. one that there will be a default and that there be a downgrade in their bond ratings and therefore the cost of borrowing is going to increase. and two, they're also concerned about the fact that there's no certainty as to what kind of payments are going to be made for the many state federal partnerships that are out there. whether they be medicaid, transportation or homeland security programs. >> governor, what do they do? you've got to figure out what bills to pay, who to pay, who to furlough, who to owe?
10:37 am
>> i think it's pretty good for states to have a spur louse. most of us do in pennsylvania because of investments we made even during the recession as 7.5% unemployment rate and a $600 million surplus. they'll be able to have a little give to cover for a while. the biggest problem is what's going to happen to the recovery. the recovery is not going as fast as we would like, but it's moving in the right direction. there is real growth in our budgets. that could short circuited and thrown back months and months and years if in fact this collapses. that's the biggest worry for states. we're on our way back and revenue breath is the real long-term answer to this. and it could be shattered by a default. >> michael bird, we're beginning to see even in the case of governor mcdonell from virginia someone who was previously against the debt ceiling was calling last week on republicans to vote.
10:38 am
they see the impact. >> everyone knows that the debt ceiling has to be increased at some point hopefully as soon as possible. at the same time they recognize the need for the federal government to achieve a program that gets to the whole issue of the deficit. and then dealing with the state programs that are out there. >> finally, what about the political fallout? we've got both sides are going to lose in this at the end of the day? >> no question. what is particularly to me is how the republicans don't seize the opportunity to declare victory. even in senator reid's plan they're going to get over $2 trillion worth of cuts without any revenue increases. raise up the victory flg and party. it will be a short-term party, because i think the american people have said loud and clear many the polls that they want a balanced approach that includes
10:39 am
revenue increase. so i think they're going to pay the pipe ner the 2012 election. in the short-term, even the reid plan is a tremendous victory for the republican party. >> ed rendell, thank you very much. president obama says john boehner's bill has no chance of passing the senate. will harry reid's plan fare any better? lori what is the outlook for the senate this weekend? >> well, the senate is going to try to fix this problem. people in the senate in both parties are a little alarmed that john boehner's answer to his vote problem was to move the bill further to the right when he's going to have to find some compromise with the democratic senate. you talk to senators in both parties they are fully expecting whatever comes out of the senate tonight, probably, will see an amendment to the plan that reid has been talking about is going to be some effort to bring
10:40 am
republicans aboard. republicans and democrats both aboard the same measure. >> and mcconnell and other republicans have been reluctant to at least publicly negotiate with the democrats while boehner's still in play. they don't want to take any focus oi way from what those house leadership is trying to do. but once that happens, do they become really engaged? are they sitting down with joe biden. is jack lew wondering around the hill. >> i haven't seen jack lew this morning. nor vice president biden up here that i know about. republican senators are meeting right now with mitch mcconnell. they're having lunch. and as they went into that meeting, guys were telling us -- senators were flatly saying once boehner gets this bill through and saves face, demonstrates that he can pass something, he's
10:41 am
going to have to move towards the compromise that comes out of the senate. he was saying we've got to find something that gets at least half of house re-s. not all of them like boehner's trying to do now. at least half of them and you make up the difference with democrats. republican senators are no more interested in this house bill than democratic senators are. senator mccain going into this lunch with i'm told they were having spa getty repeated his assertion with the idea that we're going to do a balanced budget amendment to cap federal spending as 18% of the economy as bizarro. everyone on the senate side is expecting this to move into the middle. >> lori montgomery it's been an italian themed menu this week on capitol hill. pizza last night, spa getty for lunch. all good thins. maybe the only good thing out of the hill. and this week nbc's brian williams takes us behind the scenes with unprecedented action to all the players in the debt
10:42 am
showdown. as president obama said today he wants a compromise. what does majority leader reid really think about mitch mcconnell? >> how do you get along with mitch mcconnell? >> mitch and i are friends. we talk every day. i consider him a fine man. he's a good saturday. he and i have a different political philosophy. we both believe the country needs some help and we're trying to do that. it's not easy. we have two distinct caucuses. but the problem is not mitch mcconnell. >> it's skonk as you have never seen it. trust me. don't miss the "dateline" special. taking the hill inside congress this sunday 7:00 eastern. you're watching "andrea mitchell you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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i'm thomas roberts in for tamron hall. the news nation is following the latest developments out of washington with the debt
10:46 am
gridlock. the house reconvenes at the top of the hour. speaker boehner plans to bring the bill to the foor for a vote some time this evening. republican tea party members have been a huge obstacle to speaker boehner so far. we're going to get reaction from one of them. congressman steve king will join me. plus the latest on tropical storm don and its track. will the storm bring some relieve to the extreme drought conditions in texas. all that and much more at the top of the hour. a senior official says the treasury department is now leaning towards keeping contingency plans underwraps as opposed to publicizing them. senate, you've seen what's happened on the house side. the speaker has sweetened the bill in terms of more tea party support, democrats are causllin
10:47 am
it a poison pill. >> the problem with the democratic leadership is everything's a nonstarter including a budget. we've gone for two years without a budget despite the fact what the law requires them to produce a budget. >> what happens now? >> i think john boehner's going to get the votes to pass this. he made a major change overnight that i think is something that would put us on a path to a balanced budget. it's still not perfect. frankly it's real progress. this will be the second time that house republicans have passed an increase in the debt ceiling with serious attempts to get our fiscal house in order and senate democrats simply just don't want to meet on this. the president of course seems to have marginalized himself on this. let's see if the house does pass it. i think they will. >> i agree it will pass the house. he now says they have the votes. they're working on the rule. what assuming that it does not pass the senate, then what? do others in the leadership zit
10:48 am
down with harry reid and try to work something out over the weekend? >> well, i think what ought to happen is that some point harry reid and some democrat senators ought to recognize that something's got to pass both chambers. the house has gone its work twice under this their owe which you and i both agree is likely to happen. when does the senate produce the plan that they'd be willing to vote on? what i'm hoping is that the senate democrats will recognize that you know, it probably ought to be something close to john boehner's plan. >> if john boehner's plan has a balanced budget amendment, we're told at least that's not going to be passed by the senate. that's pretty clear. >> i think when the american people weigh in on this we might get a slightly different outcome. remember the public overwhelmingly supports the idea of balancing our budget. the public overwhelmly supports a balanced budget amendment. the last time we had a democratic president he embraced
10:49 am
the idea and helped to achieve a balanced budget. why this is suddenly a radical idea. it's only the idea within the democratic caucus. it's not a radical idea in america. >> thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> and worst week in washington, that's next.
10:50 am
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and joining us now is senator mark warner from virginia who has been involved in a lot of the behind the scene talks on all of this as a member of the gang of six. senator warner, what is the ultimate compromise that you think is going to emerge this weekend in the senate? >> well, andrea, i believe that after the boehner plan gets over here, it will be voteded down. i then got to hope and pray that cooler heads will come together with some combination of senator reid's initial proposal and senator mcconnell's proposal, and some type of commission. our hope is still, you know, still the only bipartisan effort
10:53 am
in the whole city at this point that has more than one-third of the senate weighing in. you know, that our plan still gets a vote at the end of the commission process, but it is very dicey at this point. i never thought that we'd be 3 1/2 days out from driving over the cliff. >> and senator, do you think that the the end of the day, the president might have to accept something that is shorter than carrying us through to 2012 and some two tranche, two-step deal? >> well, i don't see what that gets us other than an immediate debt downgrade and months of paralysis with the economy and playing it out for the next couple of months. if there needs to be a process disapproval that senator mcconnell has put in and that will be in the mix, and you know, we should not put our country or economy in this kind of political posturing one more time. >> thank you, senator warner. and the worst week in washington and the week ist not over yet, but the answer is clear, and
10:54 am
with me is chris cillizza, and well, chris, it is really a real hard call, but the speaker did not have a good night. >> he didn't, and andrea, it is amazing, because it shows you what people like me know, but in the 48 hours leading up to what we thought was a vote last night, john boehner and appeared and we talked on tuesday and i said it looks like momentum and getting people previously uncommitted and now going to vote yes. when they postponed the bill, we thought that was a trouble sign. when they decided to postpone it to today and what john boehner has lost whether the bill goes through or not, is that he cannot forcibly go through the senate and say, i have the republicans reunited behind this, and this is a bill that is more conservative than the bill they have voted on last night and therefore less acceptable and two democr to democrats, and whether this passes or not, does not matter, because we are looking at the senate. >> and think have weakened his hand and when we look to the next 24 and 48, we are looking
10:55 am
at a weekend of boehner trying to get the rule arranged to pass the bill, his version today and goes to the senate, and the senate has started the clock, and they have worked through their ledger domain, and their -- >> well, i think that john boehner has gone from the number one most important person, and i would not put that into mitch mcconnell the kentucky senate minority leader, because he to date has been supportive of john boehner and he says he wants it to pass the house and we will see what happens in the senate, but now he has to ne goshate with the white house, and notably mitch mcconnell told the newspaper that he does not want to default the economy, and there is still potential, but you have to see what mitch mcconnell winds up saying over the next 24 to 48 hours. >> that is so smart and that is why we love you chris cillizza
10:56 am
of the fix. have a good weekend and that is going to do it for us on this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i would like to say that is it, but it isn't. over the weekendly be reporting, and my colleague thomas roberts is in for my colleague tamron hall. >> and i would like to say, you are not going to be off for the weekend. >> i think so. follow me on twitter. >> and eric cantor says that the republicans have enough vote to pass the speaker's debt deal, and we will hear from the tea party members and republican steve king. "newsnation" is minutes away. the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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